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Move to greener shipping - good news and bad

AN industry-led initiative will develop tangible pathways for shipping's decarbonisation, said a statement issued last week on the launch of the Task Force on Decarbonizing Shipping.

So, is this an initiative involving the main representative bodies of the global shipping industry: the International Chamber of Shipping and BIMCO (Baltic and International Maritime Council)? And is it supported ...more

Floating solar farms at reservoirs a powerful idea

I applaud national water agency PUB's idea to test energy yield from Tengeh Reservoir to evaluate the feasibility of tapping renewable electricity using floating solar photovoltaic (PV) systems (Siting solar energy farms at reservoirs; Sept 30).

This effort to boost the electricity supply using Singapore's reservoirs is pragmatic and productive.

Moreover, having the solar panels ...more

Carbon tax needed in drive to stay competitive: Masagos

The upcoming carbon tax may be a bitter pill to swallow, but it could pay off in a more energy-efficient global economy, said Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli.

The levy on big greenhouse gas emitters announced in this year's Budget is meant to nudge the industry to adopt cleaner, better practices, he noted.

Mr Masagos told a petrochemical industry ...more

Four-in-one utilities plant for the tropics

Local researchers have come up with what they describe as a greener and cheaper way to produce electricity, water, air-conditioning and heat, custom-made for the tropics.

The smart quad-generation plant produces all four key utilities simultaneously using a single, integrated system.

Associate Professor Ernest Chua of the department of mechanical engineering at the National University ...more

Tiny plastic, big problem

"There's a great future in plastics" - a famous line from the 1967 film The Graduate - has turned out to be a prophetic statement. A ubiquitous part of 21st-century life, plastic is visible for some uses like product packaging, and less so for others, such as toothpaste and clothing. Plastic also constitutes an increasing share of solid waste, clogging drainage systems and contributing to flooding ...more

Exposing students to clean energy technologies and practices

BUKIT View Secondary School has received a commendation for best energy-efficiency practices in the public sector in this year's EENP awards. This award recognises outstanding public-sector agencies that have shown exemplary commitment in adopting good energy-efficiency practices and have been proactive in implementing energy efficiency improvement measures.

It was noted that the school had ...more

On a crusade to build a greener future for the next generation

THE only individual recognition in the annual EENP awards is the Outstanding Energy Manager of the Year. This year the award was given to Avtar Singh, energy manager at MSD International GmbH (Singapore branch), who has personally driven energy efficiency in the company.

The Outstanding Energy Manager of the Year award recognises outstanding energy managers who have demonstrated leadership ...more

Consortium including GIC unit invests in geothermal firm

A consortium of investors, including a unit of Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC, has stepped up its investment in a geothermal energy producer.

The consortium, known as Philippines Renewable Energy Holdings Corporation (PREHC), has begun a strategic partnership with First Gen Corporation as substantial shareholders in Energy Development Corporation (EDC), said GIC in a statement yesterday.

First ...more

IMO taking steps to cut greenhouse gas emissions by shipping sector


INTERNATIONAL shipping needs to halve greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 400 million gross tonnes by 2050 to align with the goals of the COP21 Climate Change pact that was ratified by world leaders in 2016.

This aggressive requirement spurred the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to roll out a GHG emission roadmap last October, the head of air pollution and energy ...more

Tuas Power, ST Marine secure Jurong Island desalination project


A CONSORTIUM by Tuas Power and Singapore Technologies (ST) Marine, the marine arm of ST Engineering, has been selected by PUB to design, build, own and operate a desalination plant on Jurong Island.

The plant, Singapore's fifth, is expected to start operations in 2020, and will add 30 million gallons (mgd) or about 137,000 cubic metres of water a day to Singapore's water ...more

Green buildings help in climate change fight

IT is the year 2500 in Singapore. We travel with driverless cars, Mars is a much loved tourist spot, and robots live and walk among us as peers. One catch - we're all underwater, because sea levels have risen more than six metres, based on projections by some scientists.

Returning to present day, Singapore has just turned 52, and we probably should start thinking about how to avoid the above ...more

2 new members join alliance backing low-carbon shipping

Two new members, Bureau Veritas and the Port of Rotterdam, have joined an international initiative supporting low-carbon shipping.

They are the latest additions to the IMO-Global Maritime Energy Efficiency Partnerships Project Global Industry Alliance (GIA), which now comprises 16 industry players who have joined hands to collectively address barriers to the uptake and implementation of energy-efficient ...more

Sanli's directors take time to plot next course

THE executive directors of water treatment specialist Sanli Environmental are planting the seeds for overseas expansion and a potential move into long-term projects, but they are not in a hurry to reap yet.

After all, they reckon, their current source of sustenance - contracts from the Singapore government - should be enough to grow the business for the next few years, and they can afford ...more

Time to build support for sustainable buildings in South-east Asia

SOUTH-EAST Asia is rapidly urbanising, with an additional 90 million people forecast to move to cities by 2030. Cities such as Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, Hanoi and others already generate around two-thirds of the region's gross domestic product and will continue to be a key driver of growth. Unfortunately, many of the same cities find themselves straining under the pressure of rapid growth.

The ...more

No big cost savings yet, but solar panels vital for energy goals

It is unlikely that new HDB block rooftops, designed to make the installation of solar panels faster and cheaper, will translate to lower conservancy fees for residents any time soon.

Nevertheless, MPs and residents told The Straits Times that solar- ready rooftops - which the Housing Board announced yesterday would be incorporated into all new projects - are necessary in ensuring that Singapore's ...more
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