A comprehensive directory on environmental management, technologies, water and wastewater treatment, air pollution control and pest control.


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Sustainable investing should be pushed into the mainstream

THE global transition to a low-carbon, clean-energy economy is well under way with strides being made in the global reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Progress can also be seen through the development of the green bond market.

Until recently a nascent concept, sustainable investing is starting to take root.

The key stakeholders in this - governments, corporations, the financial ...more

Just one company obtains SEC's enhanced green label


ONLY one company so far has been successful in getting its products certified under the stricter guidelines of an enhanced green labelling scheme by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC).

Consumer goods giant Kimberly-Clark Professional, which produces items such as Scott tissues, was the only company whose products were awarded the enhanced green label, out of a total ...more

Reducing carbon footprint is an area of focus for Shell

THE world has a puzzle to solve, a jigsaw with a spectacular number of pieces to place. If it can succeed, it will win a priceless prize: it will achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement, to limit global warming to under two degrees celcius. It is the puzzle of the energy transition.

Piecing together a solution is going to be tricky and we at Shell have been trying to make progress as a company. ...more

To recycle industrial waste water, add electricity

Researchers here have found a new way to recycle industrial waste water using electricity, which can remove up to 99 per cent of impurities.

The system, developed by a National University of Singapore (NUS) team, is touted to be cost efficient, as it runs on low electrical power and does not result in secondary waste such as sludge, which requires further waste processing.

"Our ...more

Shaping the future of Emerging Asia with clean energy

CLEAN water, sanitation, health care, transport, lighting, cooking, heating - these are energy-driven elements essential to human well-being, as well as a country's economic activity and social development. But they are not accessible to the world's energy poor, most of whom are living in Asia and the Pacific.

Today, more than 700 million people in the region have no access to electricity, ...more

Cleaning up the plastic making process

They are immensely useful but plastics are also polluting the earth. Hundreds of millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide are released during their global production.

Assistant Professor Jason Yeo hopes to make this process much cleaner.

He heads a National University of Singapore (NUS) team that has created a way to do so using "artificial photosynthesis". The invention uses copper, ...more

Clean and green solutions

Neutrinos Engineering:Customised treatments for your car's engine

NEUTO Intelligent Hydrogen System is a patented solution that removes microscopic carbon layers in hard-to-reach places - such as air manifolds, piston rings, valves, and spark plugs - with pure dry hydrogen gas.

The system can effectively reduce up to 70 to 90 per cent of vehicle emissions for both petrol and diesel ...more

Greening the office environment

RICOH Asia Pacific actively develops sustainable businesses in line with its mission to protect the environment by implementing measures against climate change and improving resource productivity through its business activities.

The company is the regional headquarters of the Japanese imaging and electronics group, and oversees the marketing and sales activities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ricoh ...more

Businesses should take the lead in sustainability: Heng Swee Keat


BUSINESSES should lead the way in pursuing sustainable practices, urged Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat.

"It is a matter of survival, and of stewardship," he said at the Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Awards last evening.

"Climate change poses a real threat for small island states like Singapore."

He noted that sustainability is similarly crucial ...more

Advocates for sustainability

Frasers Centrepoint

As one of Singapore's top property companies, Frasers Centrepoint Limited (FCL) keeps a close eye on the pulse of the market. Sustainability consistently comes up as both a key risk and an opportunity for the company during its regular review of the current and future business landscape, as well as during its engagement with stakeholders.

It is not surprising then, ...more

HDB crosses halfway point in solar target

With its latest and largest tender yesterday, the Housing Board has passed the halfway point in its target of having solar panels on 5,500 blocks to power public amenities like corridor lights and pumps.

The HDB and the Economic Development Board (EDB) said solar panels will be installed on 848 HDB block rooftops and in 27 government sites, including 22 educational institutions and the Choa ...more

Steel specialist TTJ wants to diversify into waste management


STRUCTURAL steel specialist TTJ Holdings is seeking shareholders' approval to diversify into the waste management and treatment business.

This would include developing and providing waste management and treatment technology, as well as the ownership, construction, acquisition, operation and maintenance of waste management and treatment facilities such as waste-to-energy ...more

The future of transport is electric

It is exciting to read that the Government is doing more to promote the use of electric vehicles here (Electric-vehicle sharing to hit the roads in December; Sept 28).

Electric vehicles can convert about 60 per cent of electrical energy from the power grid to useful power, compared to conventional gasoline vehicles' 21 per cent from the energy stored in petrol.

This makes electric ...more

S'pore mulls prepaid carbon credits to link up with systems elsewhere


SINGAPORE, in preparing for the possible integration of its carbon tax framework with external carbon markets in future, will use a credits-based mechanism for its carbon tax.

Facilities that have to pay a carbon tax will therefore do so by buying and surrendering the number of carbon credits corresponding to their greenhouse gas emissions, according to a draft carbon pricing ...more

Local water production up after issue in Johor River

Water agency PUB has stepped up production at Singapore's desalination plants and local waterworks, after chicken droppings used to make fertilisers caused ammonia levels in the Johor River to spike beyond healthy levels.

The pollution lead to the temporary closure of the Singapore-run Johor River Waterworks as well as three other treatment plants in the Malaysian state, and cut off water ...more
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