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Sun Electric wins Singapore's first SolarRoof contract


GOVERNMENT agency JTC on Wednesday awarded Sun Electric with Singapore's first SolarRoof contract which allows solar energy to be fully exported to the power grid.

This 15-year contract grants Sun Electric the rights to fully export solar energy to the national power grid, and sell it on the open energy market.

Sun Electric over the coming year is expected to instal ...more

Firm tackles industrial grime with clean, green-tech gusto

Q How was TuffChem born? A I founded TuffChem Environmental Services in 1991 with management and staff operation training as my core businesses.

With over 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industries, I had realised most works were done using cheap processes that were neither safe nor green. Also, such industries often used manual, cheap labour with poor working conditions.

Through ...more

Keppel Land goes greener with renewable energy

Property giant Keppel Land is another local business heavyweight to go green with the firm's corporate headquarters making a pioneer use of renewable energy.

Its solar-powered offices in Bugis Junction Towers are now fully powered by renewable energy generated offsite - the first time a Green Mark-certified office building here has reached this milestone.

Green Mark certifications ...more

S'pore's energy solutions on show at Expo 2017

A specially choreographed dance about the process of metamorphosis and its transformative power encapsulated Singapore's efforts to develop effective energy solutions at the country's Expo 2017 pavilion.

It was opened yesterday by Speaker of Parliament Halimah Yacob, who is in Astana, the capital city of Kazakhstan, for the event.

Themed Small City, Big Ideas, the pavilion showcases ...more

Sales of electric vehicles soar

From zero to two million in five years. The record belongs to electric vehicles whose power charge for market share led to two million sales last year from virtually non-existent just five years ago, according to the Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA). Registered plug-in and battery-powered vehicles on the roads worldwide rose 60 per cent from the year before, according to IEA's Global EV ...more

Singapore looking into two energy sources for sustainability: DPM Teo


SINGAPORE is looking into two areas of energy sources for developments in sustainability, and it remains committed to the Paris Agreement, Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean said at Temasek Holdings' Ecosperity conference on Monday.

In a question posted by Chan Heng Chee - who moderated a discussion with Mr Teo - about the possibility of a fossil fuel-free Singapore, Mr ...more

Singapore financial firms should bank on renewable energy

"COAL is dead," declared Jim Barry, the global head of BlackRock's infrastructure investment group, in a recent interview with Australia Financial Review.

While US President Donald Trump and other ideologues may disagree, it is always wise to watch the money. This stark analysis coming from the world's largest investment group with US$5 trillion in assets under management will thus reverberate ...more

Opportunity for industry to build sustainable, green economies

PRESIDENT Donald Trump finally fulfilled his campaign bluster to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement.

Predictably, the global condemnation was immediate, and resounding.

In a stinging rebuke, French president Emmanuel Macron derided Mr Trump's decision and even mimicked it, calling on the world to "Make our planet great again". His Elysee speech in English ...more

Public sector to lead green push by cutting electricity, water use

Singapore's biggest employer plans to slash its consumption of electricity and water as part of a nationwide "go green" plan unveiled yesterday.

By 2020, the public sector will use 15 per cent less electricity and 5 per cent less water compared with 2013 levels, according to the Public Sector Sustainability Plan 2017-2020 announced by Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean.

As part ...more

Singapore Sustainability Academy launched on World Environment Day


THE Singapore Sustainability Academy (SSA), a joint collaboration between City Developments Limited (CDL) and the Sustainability Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), was officially opened on World Environment Day on Monday.

The nation's first major People, Public and Private (3P) ground-up initiative in support of global and national goals to tackle climate change, the ...more

S'pore's green push focuses on 4 fronts

Singapore's push for sustainable development fires on four fronts covering the economy, living environment, its people and international collaboration, said Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean.

Mr Teo noted yesterday, which was World Environment Day, that Singapore's lack of natural resources means the country has had to be resourceful, finding ways to create economic value, producing goods ...more

Sustainability a profitable watchword for Asian firms

Asia's companies are well-placed to reap some of the trillions of dollars of opportunities opened up by adopting more sustainable business models, a new report says.

Businesses in the region could unlock new market opportunities worth US$5 trillion (S$7 trillion) and create 230 million jobs by 2030, by pursuing strategies in line with the United Nations' sustainable development goals, it ...more

Sustainable models can yield 230 million jobs in Asia: report


SOME US$5 trillion in market opportunities and 230 million jobs, or 12 per cent of the Asian labour force, are waiting to be generated in Asia through sustainable business models, says a report by the Business & Sustainable Development Commission (BSDC).

Titled Better Business, Better World (Asia), the report said these businesses can unlock US$12 trillion in economic opportunities ...more

S'pore joins others in reaffirming commitment to Paris Agreement

Singapore has joined a raft of countries in reaffirming its commitment to the Paris climate deal, even as the United States announced that it was pulling out.

Yesterday, Minister for Foreign Affairs Vivian Balakrishnan described President Donald Trump's decision on Thursday as a "great pity".

"China and the USA worked so well to help achieve global consensus on climate change ...more

S'pore team sheds light on tapping solar power

Scientists are finding out that tandem solar cells, which combine conventional silicon with other material, may have improved efficiency over the conventional silicon cell.

Researchers at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Singapore-Berkeley Research Initiative for Sustainable Energy are looking into tandem cells made by layering perovskite - a man-made substance - over silicon. ...more
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