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Citic Envirotech Q1 net up 41% to S$17m


CITIC Envirotech Ltd (CEL)'s net profit rose 41.2 per cent to S$17.03 million in the first quarter ended March 31, 2017, the company reported on Tuesday.

Revenue for the mainboard-listed water treatment solutions provider also rose by 14.3 per cent over the same period to S$113.73 million.

CEL said that the revenue increase was mainly due to a 53.4 per cent increase ...more

Sailing towards greener shipping

FOR having the most economic ship under the Singapore flag, Asiatic Lloyd Maritime LLP has won the Green Ship of the Year Award at this year's International Maritime Awards.

Friedrich Bunnemann, partner, Asiatic Lloyd Maritime LLP, says: "We are very excited about the news of winning the Green Ship Award in these difficult times. A lot of work from our engineers and the shipyard went into ...more

Can Singapore be an Asian hub for green finance?

The race is on. "Green finance" has started to take off in Asia. The stakes are high as the current global market is estimated at some US$80 billion (S$112 billion), with the staggering potential of a rapid take-off in Asia.

Broadly considered, green finance is the setting up of market instruments and policy tools to fund public and private investments that contribute to sustainability. In ...more

Going green: We can do a lot more

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: What aspects of life and business in Singapore are least environmentally friendly? How might green technologies and/or jobs help?

John BittlestonFounder & ChairTerrific Mentors International Pte Ltd

The "haze" tops the list. It can only be solved politically and vigorous efforts are being made to achieve that. We should have been assertively converting to fully ...more

Singapore a perfect testbed for green transport solutions

AFTER years of wrangling, the Paris Agreement On Climate Change took effect last Nov 4.

A key element of the convention is "sustainable mobility" - no surprise given the environmental impact of transportation, which produces around 23 per cent of all energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.

Singapore is uniquely positioned to act as a testbed for green transport solutions. It is able ...more

Sembcorp wins 19b rupee wind power project in India


SEMBCORP Industries has won the bid for a wind power project in India which is estimated to cost some 19 billion rupees (S$405 million).

The project, which will have a capacity of close to 250 megawatts (MW), will be located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu and connected to India's central transmission utility. Sembcorp's renewable energy business in India, Sembcorp Green ...more

Energy efficiency: The fifth fuel or fool's gold?

The famous American physicist and environmental scientist Amory Lovins coined the term "fifth fuel" almost three decades ago to represent units of power saved by energy efficiency.

Improved energy efficiency leads to less energy being used in delivering services such as heating, lighting or transport. After coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power, he argued, the fifth fuel or "saved energy" ...more

Engie, Senoko to offer electric vehicle charging plans in tie-up with Bolloré


WITH an electric car-sharing scheme set to start in Singapore in the middle of this year, French energy company Engie and local utility Senoko Energy are planning to offer retail plans that bundle services for the charging of electric vehicles or corporate car sharing.

Both companies will also work with French electric car-sharing operator Bolloré Group, the firm that was ...more

Nuclear power merits consideration as one of multiple energy sources

While I appreciate Dr Yik Keng Yeong's concerns, I still believe that Singapore should give careful consideration to the option of nuclear power (S'pore should still say 'no'; March 18).

First, while solar power is certainly a very strong and cost-effective option, it is impractical to rely on it as the sole source of energy going forward.

The main drawback of solar energy is its ...more

Carbon tax 'likely to have greater impact on large businesses'

The carbon tax that will be implemented from 2019 is likely to hit large businesses harder than households and small firms.

A tax of $10 to $20 per tonne of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gas emissions could increase business operating costs equivalent to a 6.4 per cent to 12.7 per cent increase in current oil prices, according to a government paper released yesterday as part of the ...more

Bright future for solar energy sector

In just two years, local solar company Cleantech Solar has become one of the biggest solar rooftop developers in Asia, counting big-name corporates such as Coca-Cola and Apollo Tyres among its clients.

The firm has 35 employees today, up from the three it started out with.

Its head of engineering and procurement Alan Khor believes there are more ways for the company - and the sector ...more

Racing towards the future with fuel-efficient cars

At the Changi Exhibition Centre yesterday, competitive racers suited up and revved their engines as team managers looked on.

But the teams were not gunning to be the fastest off the blocks. They were instead aiming to cover the farthest distance using the energy equivalent to 1 litre of fuel as part of the eighth Shell Eco-marathon Asia competition.

Launching the contest at the ...more

S'pore's carbon tax not enough to encourage energy efficiency


SINGAPORE'S carbon tax is a good first step towards a carbon-free future, but it is not doing enough to encourage the cars, trucks and ships that ply its streets and seas to be more energy-efficient, a top executive at Royal Dutch Shell told The Business Timesyesterday.

In this sense, the energy giant is keen to work with local authorities on making the transport sector ...more

Time for Singapore to say 'Yes' to nuclear

The Fukushima nuclear accident dealt a blow to the emerging "nuclear renaissance" just when the world was close to putting Chernobyl behind it.

In its aftermath, several countries, including Japan and Germany, put aside, under public pressure, plans to build nuclear power plants (NPPs).

Six years after Fukushima, 61 new nuclear plants are under construction, in Britain, China, India, ...more

Smaller firms can think bigger on sustainability

THE year 2016 was one of the hottest years on record. Across the globe, temperatures soared as climate change continued to wreak havoc.

For companies, especially, the uptick in heat is a stark reminder of the urgent need to push ahead with business strategies that incorporate sustainability efforts.

That said, companies and regulators have made considerable progress in adopting sustainable ...more
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