Nature of Business

Commercial Laboratory provides testing in Environmental, Food, Electronics and Petroleum areas.

Chemical & Microbiological Analysis for Agriculture, Commerce & Industry

ALS TECHNICHEM provides independent analytical services on a wide range of products to the agricultural, industrial, governmental & environmental sectors.

Range of Services:
– Chemical analysis & microbiological testing
– Environmental analysis: Water, air & soil
– Industrial hygiene monitoring: Solvents, metals, particle, oil mist, etc
– Ambient air quality monitoring
– Indoor air quality assessment
– Occupational/boundary noise monitoring
– Source emission and stack gas monitoring
– Asbestos sampling & analysis
– Micro-contamination & ROHS testing for electronic parts
– Food products: Nutrients, vitamins, minerals, metals, mycotoxins, preservatives, etc
– Oil & fats testing: General oil & fat testing, rancidity, trans fat, antioxidants, etc
– Petrochemical & petroleum products analysis
– Wear check (Monitoring maintenance oil analysis)
– Spectrometric oil & filter analysis program
– Chinese proprietary medicine, cosmetics & pharmaceutical testing
– Industrial & chemical consultancy

Services at other locations (refer to website).