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Mr Ken Chin, Country Manager


Nature of Business

Spraying Systems Co. is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial spray products and produces high-quality spray nozzles, manifolds, systems and accessories. Our customers are located around the world and use our products in virtually every manufacturing industry. We work with our customers on a regular basis to help optimise spray performance and save many thousands of dollars each year.

Centers of Excellence

Spray Nozzles
Spray optimisation begins with the best spray nozzle for the job. With nozzles available in thousands of sizes, hundreds of configurations and dozens of materials, we can meet your application needs.

Spray Control
AutoJet® Spray Control is our line of spray controllers and automated systems. Automated Spray Control can improve your operations by reducing overspray and chemical consumption, minimising labor and improving product quality.

Spray Analysis
Our Spray Analysis and Research Services group conducts advanced spray testing and uses sophisticated modelling tools to determine spray performance. Much of this work is conducted in our spray laboratories - the industry’s largest and most specialised.

Spray Fabrication
Our custom headers, manifolds, injectors and lances help ensure application success with proper nozzle placement and positioning. Custom mounting systems and adapters simplify spray product installation and provide single-source supplier convenience.

Global Representation, Local Attention
With 10 manufacturing facilities located in North and South America, Europe and Asia, we can quickly deliver our products to customers anywhere in the world. And with more than 85 sales engineering offices around the world, there is a local representative you can call on to provide hands-on assistance with your application.

Our sales engineers specialise only in spray technology. Call on them for expertise in spray technology to help improve your operations.

Products & Services