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Veritas is recognised and accredited by major national and international organisations.
With the ever increasing focus on environmental issues, Bureau Veritas offers an extensive range of environmental testing to assist our customers in meeting the various industry and regulatory requirements and standards. Our capability extends to analysis of air quality, including industrial stack monitoring, and ground, waste, ef uent, boiler and potable water quality. Bureau Veritas uses the most technologically advanced equipment in our laboratories enabling us to provide a quick, reliable and accurate analytical service.
All our customers rely on our certi cate of analysis which gives them con dence that they are managing their business ef ciently and in compliance with the regulations. Similarly, there are strict regulations in place for the industrial/processing companies to monitor their emissions to atmosphere or water discharges to the sea.
Water testing services include:
• Physical & chemical analysis
• Waste water quality as per local and
international regulations
• Volatile & non-volatile organic compounds
• Heavy metals
• Chlorinated and non-chlorinated
• Pesticides
• Bacteriology etc...
3 Irving Road
#05-01 Tai Seng Centre Singapore 369522 Telephone: (65) 6805 4888 Facsimile: (65) 6443 2587
116 Tuas South Avenue 2 West Point Bizhub Singapore 637163 Telephone: (65) 6790 0118 Facsimile: (65) 6790 0091 Email: Website:
Mr Wong Pik Hung, Operations Manager
Mr Ang Kok Keong, Senior Marketing Engineer
Marchwood Laboratory Services Pte Ltd provides testing and consultancy services in the  eld of environmental consultancy and testing to petrochemical, pharmaceutical, electronic, food and oil and gas industries. We equip our laboratories with state of the art instruments like GCMS, ICPMS, LCMS/MS, GC, etc.
Our exclusive af liation with Marchwood Scienti c Services, UK, gives us a competitive edge as a global player in the environmental industries as they specialise in trace analysis in sediments and ultra-pure water using Time of Flight Mass Spectroscopy and Triple Quad GC-LCMS and high resolution GC-MS.
Our Services:
18 Teban Gardens Crescent Singapore 608925 Telephone: (65) 6566 7777 Facsimile: (65) 6566 7718 Email: Website:
Mr Chung Tying Chun, Divisional Director Mr Denny Lee, Assistant HOD
Ms Julie Ong, Principal Marketing Engineer
Setsco Services, established since 1981, has been performing environmental monitoring and testing services for over a decade. With the state of the art technology and equipment like GCMS, ICPMS, ICPOES, LCMS and our dedicated team of specialists, we offer professional advice on all issues pertaining to environmental testing. The services we presently provide include:
• Water Testing Services
- Trade ef uent, Wastewater monitoring/
Public Sewer/Watercourse/Controlled Watercourse/Packaged Drinking Water/ Mineral Water according to AVA spec Water for concreting purposes/Newater
- Chemical & Microbiological analysis of RO water, drinking water, fountain water, cooling tower water, water storage tank
- Nutrients analysis of seawater
• Air Testing Services
- Stack/Air/Scrubber/Exhaust/Incinerator
emission monitoring
- Ambient air monitoring such as PM 2.5,
PM 10, NO2, SO2, CO, Ozone etc - Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
(MOM requirement)
- Indoor air quality assessment
(NEA/SS554 requirement) - Noise Monitoring
(Boundary, MOM and Dosimetry)
• Soil Testing Services
- Soil testing for physical, organic and
inorganic parameters
- TCLP (Leaching test)
- Environmental Baseline Study parameters
(Soil & Groundwater)
• Microbiological Testing Services
- Food hygiene and food pathogens testing - Microbial enumeration tests and tests for
speci ed microorganism in Chinese proprietary medicine, cosmetics & oral hygiene products
- Bioburden and sterility testing
- Antimicrobial testing of plastics
- Mildew (Fungi) and algae resistance test of
emulsion paint
- Food/Kitchen hygiene audit
Soil Testing Services
- Physical parameters such as pH, Moisture
content, Organic Matter, Solids, etc - Organic - VOC, SVOC, TPH (Diesel & Gasoline), Pesticides, PCBs, Phenolic
- Inorganic - Nutrients, Metals, Cyanide, etc - Bioaccessibility Arsenic and Lead
- Fall/Settling Velocity
- Materials  ner than 75 um
- Environmental Baseline Study (EBS)
testing in accordance to Dutch Standard - Testing for IBA, IFA and waste
Water Testing Services
- Physical parameters
- Organic - BOD, COD, TOC, Oil & Grease,
VOC, SVOC, TPH (Diesel & Gasoline), Formaldehyde, PPCPs, Pesticides, PCBs, Phenolic content, etc
- Inorganic - Anions, Nutrients, Metals, Cyanide, etc
- Independent sampling and inspection services
- Phytoplankton and Zooplankton analysis for Fresh and Marine Water by APHA method (in compliance with both IMO and USCG guideline)
- Accredited sampling services for Enterovirus
Air Testing Services
- Dioxins and Furans
- PCBs and PAHs
- Gas Composition for Process Stack/
Land ll Gas
- Industrial Hygiene Monitoring and Testing - Gaseous Compounds etc
Keep abreast with the latest in environmental technology, water treatment, pollution control, renewable and sustainable energy.
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