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Water: From Vulnerability to Strength
Faced with the constraints of limited natural water resources and land, Singapore has recognised providing a sustainable supply of water for its people as a vital issue in the 1960s. In the early days, we faced and overcame drought,  oods and water pollution as the city grew. These challenges have inspired us to innovate and develop capabilities in water management, turning our vulnerability into strength.
Our experience in effectively addressing our water challenges has earned us international recognition as a model city for water management and a leading global hydrohub.
Quest for a Diversified and Sustainable Supply of Water Through integrated water management, PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, has successfully closed the “water loop” and manages the whole water cycle, from rainwater collection to the puri cation and supply of drinking water, to the treatment of used water and its reclamation into NEWater, Singapore’s own brand of high-grade reclaimed water.
This has enabled PUB to put in place a robust and sustainable water supply strategy known as the Four National Taps – water from local catchment, imported water, NEWater and desalinatedwater.

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