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Mr Ng Joo Hee
Chief Executive PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency
2019 is Singapore’s Year Towards Zero Waste. Users of this directory will of course know that water, that most essential thing for life, is something we cannot afford to waste.
Singapore is severely water-stressed. Our small size means that we do not have the space to catch and to keep enough of the stuff. Every day, we import more than 200 million gallons of water from across the causeway to quench Singaporean thirst. This is a right Singapore enjoys under the 1962 Water Agreement with Malaysia. Even so, in Singapore itself, we strive to collect every drop of rain that falls. And we operate large desalination plants that turn the salty sea into sweet water for human consumption.
But it will be a waste to use water only once. And so we also collect every drop of our sewage and turn much of it into potable water again. The reclamation and reuse of wastewater is circular and therefore in nitely sustainable. We see it as the only way to ensure that Singapore never goes thirsty.
PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency, is a world leader in potable reuse. PUB is able to produce NEWater, our brand of ultra-pure ultra-high-quality recycled water, only with the collaboration of partners, operators and suppliers, many of whom are listed in this directory.
Beyond managing the water cycle – from supplying good water, to reclaiming used water, to the taming of storm water – PUB is also the primary cheerleader for Singapore’s burgeoning water industry. In this regard, our marque event is the biennial Singapore International Water Week. SIWW 2018 was bigger and brighter than ever. Planning for SIWW 2020 is already well underway, and I expect that many listed in this directory will be exhibiting at SIWW 2020. In the meantime, the water industry in Singapore continues to grow from strength to strength.
This latest Singapore Environmental Industry Directory is an important industry resource and indispensable for those looking for advice, supplies, collaboration or new business opportunities. PUB is pleased to partner Marshall Cavendish in bringing out this publication. I am sure that you will  nd it to be a valuable resource, and a helpful reference for advancing your business.

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