• 02

    Revolutionising the energy management market

    The Business Times by KOH EN LIN

    Singapore YOUR smart electricity meter is probably dumb, going by the standards of Alex Lau, the 45-year-old CEO of Anacle Systems. "The technology needed for a smart meter to send its readings back to itself was already available 30, 40 years ago,"… More

  • 30

    Electricity retailers find a receptive audience

    The Business Times by ANDREA SOH

    Singapore NEARLY a month after the Open Electricity Market (OEM) pilot started in Jurong, electricity retailers, who have been trying to outdo one another in prices and other benefits, say the response from residents have been positive and encouraging.… More

  • 27

    DBS to bank on green energy for its ops

    The Straits Times by GRACIA LEE

    DBS is turning to renewable energy sources to power 40 per cent of its operations by the end of this year. That will be equivalent to the amount of energy needed to power more than 3,000 four-room HDB flats annually. The local bank said yesterday that… More

  • 25

    What Singapore can learn from Sweden's e-waste recycling push

    The Straits Times by AMITA BAECKER

    At 44.7 million tonnes in 2016, e-waste is often quoted as the fastest-growing waste stream on the planet - yet only 20 per cent of global e-waste is documented to be collected and recycled. As electronic appliances and gadgets grow to be an increasingly… More

  • 20

    When construction noise impacts electricity consumption

    The Business Times by SUMIT AGARWAL

    AS a tropical nation, Singapore experiences a climatic phenomenon called urban heat island effect, which causes temperatures to vary up to 7 degrees between morning and evening hours. It is more pronounced in housing estates located near construction… More

  • 18

    Sustainable development: What does it really mean?

    The Business Times by TILAK K DOSHI

    SUSTAINABLE development is mom's apple pie and the central organising principle of all things environmental. Governments and companies are all for it. 2018 has been announced as the Year of Climate Action in Singapore, and the country holds Asean's… More

  • 16

    Asean power grid will raise use of renewables, says energy body

    The Business Times by ANDREA SOH

    Singapore A TOP official of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has called on Asean to work towards a regionally interconnected grid so that its member states can adopt renewable energy on a larger scale. Speaking to The Business Times,… More

  • 13

    New green method to strengthen buildings

    The Straits Times by ERVIN TAN

    Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have found a way to use wood waste to strengthen building materials. The new method uses biochar, which is a material produced when heat is used to decompose sawdust. The researchers from the… More

  • 09

    Making room for renewable energy

    The Business Times by ANGELA TAN

    ACROMEC, which designs and maintains laboratories and sterile facilities, had an interesting proposition when it sought an initial public offer (IPO) in Singapore in 2016. Boasting a stellar client list which included Singapore General Hospital, A*Star,… More

  • 06

    Ray of hope in rise of solar energy


    Solar energy dominated global investment in new power generation like never before last year, a new study says. The world installed a record 98 gigawatts of new solar capacity, far more than the net additions of any other energy technology - renewable,… More