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    Building a green Singapore

    The Straits Times by DEREK WONG

    In the concrete jungle of the Central Business District, a red flower-like structure stands out against the skyline. Called a wind scoop, it perches atop the 40-storey CapitaGreen and its "petals" draw in cooler, cleaner air that is funnelled through… More

  • 07

    Support innovation in fight against plastic

    The Straits Times

    The economic perspective in terms of cost and benefits of the push to reduce the use of single-use plastics, as well as the need to be objective, has been well addressed ( The plastic poser for Singapore ; Feb 2). But this does not fully illustrate… More

  • 31

    The sun is setting on ultra-cheap solar panels

    The Business Times by TSVETANA PARASKOVA

    SOLAR developers and investors may have to brace themselves for solar panel costs to start rising after a 30 per cent plunge last year. The period of ultra-cheap solar panels is over, according to the president of one of China's largest solar panel… More