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  • Feeling the Heat from Climate Change

    Environmental records are being broken with increasing frequency, whether it is temperature, hurricane, drought or rainfall. No country is spared from the adverse impact of extreme weather, whether it is large or small, rich or poor. In 2018 alone,… More
  • Enhancing Singapore’s Energy Resilience

    A water-stressed country, Singapore has managed to overcome its water woes and is now one of the leading lights in sustainable water management and a provider of water solution. Singapore is trying to replicate its success in water to the energy… More
  • Positioning Singapore as Global Hub for Clean Energy Investments

    As the world transitions towards a low-carbon future, it has thrown up fresh opportunities in clean energy. A 2017 International Renewable Energy Agency study shows that clean energy is one of the fastest growth sectors in terms of employment and… More
  • Singapore Economic Development Board Worldwide Offices

  • About the Singapore Economic Development Board

    The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), a government agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, is responsible for strategies that enhance Singapore’s position as a global centre for business, innovation, and talent. We undertake… More
  • About National Environment Agency

    Formed on 1 July 2002, the National Environment Agency (NEA) is the leading public organisation responsible for ensuring a clean and green environment, and the sustainable development of Singapore. Its key roles are to protect Singapore's resources… More
  • PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency

    Water: From Vulnerability to Strength Faced with the constraints of limited natural water resources and land, Singapore has recognised providing a sustainable supply of water for its people as a vital issue in the 1960s. In the early days, we faced… More
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