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Foreword by General Manager, MCBI

MS01-Pix-01Climate change is creating new revenue prospects for businesses, and Singapore is well poised to tap on the economic opportunities that arise. As demand for sustainable goods and services rises, different sectors will see rapid growth.

Instead of deprioritising climate change in the light of Covid-19, Singapore stepped up its commitment to climate action and sustainability. The Singapore Government is taking the lead in meeting the challenges that climate change brings head on.

In February 2021, the Singapore Green Plan 2030 to advance the national agenda on sustainable development was unveiled. It is heartening to note that the plan to transform Singapore into a global city of sustainability is more than just symbolic.

Spanning across five ministries - Education, National Development, Sustainability and the Environment, Trade and Industry and Transport, the plan calls for a “whole-of-nation movement” indicating an intentional and coordinated approach to manage a wide range of sustainability initiatives.

It was announced that the Green Plan will strengthen Singapore’s economic, climate and resource resilience, improve the living environment of Singaporeans, bring new businesses and job opportunities, and chart Singapore’s journey towards a sustainable future. It also strengthens Singapore’s commitments under the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Paris Agreement.

Many companies are also taking climate change seriously and have switched to alternative energy sources. Among them is Comfort Delgro, which is converting its entire taxi fleet to hybrid vehicle models by 2030.

In this directory, you will also read about companies that are generating impressive revenue from waste generation and how research teams are at the forefront in creating technological breakthroughs that impact the world.

The Government alone cannot drive sustainability. Businesses, research institutions and civil society organisations have to come on board to navigate the way forward in creating a greener future for the generations to come.

Marshall Cavendish’s latest Singapore Environmental Industry Directory is more than just a listing of companies in the environment industry in Singapore. It offers government agencies, businesses, innovators, technopreneurs, researchers and the community a viable platform for the pooling of ideas and resources to co-create solutions that enhance sustainability and resilience.

Ms Tristine Lim
General Manager
Marshall Cavendish Business Information Private Limited