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Mr Howard Chen, Sales Manager


Nature of Business

FineTek Group is a global leader in the manufacture of automation & control systems. Established in 1979, our company is dedicated in providing customers complete instrumentation solutions. Our products are used in a broad spectrum of areas such as production & control systems, sensor component designs, liquid level controls and electrical power controls. They are also applied widely in many industries - marine & shipbuilding, oil & gas petrochemical, food & agriculture, environmental & wastewater, pharmaceutical etc.

Our products may be used in every automation system during wastewater treatment such as sedimentation, filtration, coagulation, and flocculation.

With an innovative R&D department and dynamic international offices & factories in USA, Germany, China, Singapore and Indonesia & factories, we offer a complete solution range of quality and cost-effect products and services to meet customers' needs.

Certifications: ASME, UL, ABS, VDE, ATEX, GL, DNV, BV, Lloyds Register, CE, NEPSI, CCC

Products include:
• Electromagnetic Flowmeter
• Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
• Bypass Level Transmitter
• Radar Level Transmitter
• Pressure Level Transmitter
• Magnetic Float Level Switch
• Cable Float Level Switch
• Rotary Paddle Level Switch
• Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch
• Paddle Type Level Switch
• Capacitance Level Switch
• RF-Capacitance/Admittance Level Switch
• Vibrating Probe Level Switch
• Bargraph/Digital Display Panel Meter
• PID+Fuzzy Temperature Controller
• Electromechanical Level Measuring System