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Singapore 608925

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Mr Chung Tying Chun, Divisional Director
Tel: (65) 6895 2292
Mobile: (65) 9668 8738
Mr Denny Lee, Assistant HOD
Tel: (65) 6895 0697
Mobile: (65) 9238 3916
Ms Julie Ong, Assistant Manager
Tel: (65) 6895 0643
Mobile: (65) 9009 4063


Nature of Business

Setsco Services, established since 1981, has been performing environmental monitoring and testing services for over a decade. With the state of the art technology and equipment like GCMS, ICPMS, ICPOES, LCMS and our dedicated team of specialists, we offer professional advice on all issues pertaining to environmental testing. The services we presently provide include:
  • Water Testing Services
    • Trade effluent, Wastewater monitoring/Public Sewer/Watercourse/Controlled Watercourse/Packaged Drinking Water/Mineral Water according to AVA spec Water for concreting purposes/Newater
    • Chemical & Microbiological analysis of RO water, drinking water, fountain water, cooling tower water, water storage tank
    • Nutrients analysis of seawater
  • Air Testing Services
    • Stack/Air/Scrubber/Exhaust/Incinerator emission monitoring
    • Ambient air monitoring such as PM 2.5, PM 10, NO2, SO2, CO, Ozone etc
    • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring (MOM requirement)
    • Indoor air quality assessment (NEA/SS554 requirement)
    • Noise Monitoring (Boundary, MOM and Dosimetry)
  • Soil Testing Services
    • Soil testing for physical, organic and inorganic parameters
    • TCLP (Leaching test)
    • Environmental Baseline Study parameters (Soil & Groundwater)
  • Microbiological Testing Services
    • Food hygiene and food pathogens testing
    • Microbial enumeration tests and tests for specified microorganism in Chinese proprietary medicine, cosmetics & oral hygiene products
    • Bioburden and sterility testing
    • Antimicrobial testing of plastics
    • Mildew (Fungi) and algae resistance test of emulsion paint
    • Food/Kitchen hygiene audit
  • Food Chemistry Testing Services
    • Nutritional analysis
    • Contaminants and food additives
  • Other Testing Services
    • Supporting Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) in the Green label Analysis according to the criteria checklists. Assist in getting your products certified under Singapore Green Label Scheme (SGLS) and Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP).

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