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#01-26/29 German Centre
Singapore 609916

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Mr New Hui Hong, Sales Engineer
Mobile: (65) 8315 9802


Nature of Business

Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd is a Singapore water treatment company that uses ultra-advanced German water treatment solutions. It is recognised as one of the market leader for its Innovative technology in water and wastewater treatment industry in the Asia market.

Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd is passionate and dedicated about improving water conditions to save the environment. Our vision is to create A World with Safe and Secure Water.

We specialise in:
  • Catalytic Micro Filtration Media (Katalox Light, Zeosorb and Crystalite).
  • Innovative Adsorption of Nitrate, Silica, Hard Scales, Barium and Boron.
  • AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes) Treatment for COD Polishing.
  • River and Reservoir Treatment.
  • Landfill de-odour and Leachate Treatment.
  • Instant Pro Chemicals for Surface Disinfectants, RO and Boiler.
  • Premium TRILITE UPS Ion Exchange Resin.
  • Wastewater Sludge Dewatering System of Belt/Filter Press.
  • Low Pressure Ultrafiltration.
  • Saltless Drinking System for residential usage.
  • Scale removal water filtration system for coffee machines and restaurants.
  • Long Lasting Antivirus Disinfectant.