Desalination Plants

Desalination is the process which takes away salt and minerals from salt water. This is to yield fresh water that can by consumed by humans or for industrial use. One of the main focus of desalination is to produce fresh water in a cost effective way for human utilisation. Cost for desalination is high when compared to other sources of water for human consumption, due to high energy cost. However… More

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Boustead Salcon is a leading Water & Wastewater Environmental company in Asia established in Singapore in 1980, wholly owned by Boustead Singapore Limited formed in 1828 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore since 1975. Globally more than 1,000… More

Veolia Water Technologies is the world leader in engineering, design, project management and execution of construction projects for turnkey facilities and water treatment plants. The company also dedicated technological solutions and offers a whole range… More