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Crowcon Singapore supports the Asian region with extensive inventory of detectors and spares, as well as service support. Our services include: - Personal and portable gas detectors - Fixed gas detectors - Control systems - Short term and long term rental… More

We specialise in: • Hazardous & toxic waste disposal & management • Biohazard and medical waste management • Waste acids & alkalis • Waste plating effluent etchant, fixer & developer • Coolant; waste water; oil/water mixture • Disposal of waste sludge… More

ATE, established in Singapore since 1998, is a specialist company providing contract manufacturing and system integration for process equipment and analytical systems serving the industries of oil & gas, petrochemicals & chemicals, pharmaceutical, power… More

• Disposal of toxic & hazardous chemical waste • Disposal of waste oil • Incineration of hazardous & non-hazardous waste • Rental & cleaning of ISO tank • Vacuum truck services • Dumpster bin rental • Effluent treatment plant • Recycling of solvents… More

• BLACOH - Pulsation dampener  • DEUBLIN - Rotating union  • FMI - Dispenser & metering pump  • GRIFFCO - Pressure relief/back pressure valve • KENCO - Liquid level gauge/oil level controller/pump setting gauge  • KOFLO - In-line mixer  • LMI MILTON… More

ProMinent GmbH Germany is the world's largest manufacturer of metering pumps from 0.1 liters/hour to 100,000 liters/hour with pressures up to 4,000 bar. Throughout our 60-year history, ProMinent has built its worldwide reputation as the trusted 1-stop… More

Fibreglass Products • Sewerage & Waste Treatment Plant Covers • Air Pollution Products (Packaged Systems) • Wastewater Treatment Products (Tanks; Clarifiers etc) • Corrosion Resistant Structures • Corrosion Resistant/Protective Lining/Repairs etc. More

FineTek Group is a leading manufacturer and provider of level sensors and control instrumentation. Our products may be used in every waste water treatment process automation systems, under water treatment processes such as sedimentation, filtration,… More

Spraying Systems Co.  is the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial spray products and produces high-quality spray nozzles, manifolds, systems and accessories. Our customers are located around the world and use our products in virtually every manufacturing… More

Boustead Salcon is a leading Water & Wastewater Environmental company in Asia established in Singapore in 1980, wholly owned by Boustead Singapore Limited formed in 1828 and listed on the Stock Exchange of Singapore since 1975. Globally more than 1,000… More