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Er. Edwin Khew
Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore
The sustainable energy landscape has changed substantially since the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) was set up. The continuous drop in equipment costs has made clean energy cost competitive, especially in the case of solar and wind. Conversations have now moved from just generation technologies and energy ef ciency to smart grids, storage, block chain technologies and distributed generation, and there is lower dependence on base loads from traditional sources of energy like coal, oil and gas. These new conversations are set to make a big impact and will enhance and accelerate the energy transition.
Singapore is on a path of transitioning and transforming to a low carbon economy and the introduction of carbon tax and open electricity markets are steps in that right direction. As such, SEAS and our members are continuing to push the envelope to accelerate the adoption of cleaner technologies and energy ef cient processes and will continue to engage the government through dialogue and white papers to help smoothen the policy framework required for scaling up the adoption of renewables, storage and energy ef ciency.
SEAS membership services are geared towards assisting our members to accelerate their business growth. We have a range of business services and training courses that increase the capabilities and capacity of our members, and their market and development needs. We are also looking to activate more committees and working groups to address the needs of different companies in SEAS. We hope this will address the needs of more companies in our membership and attract many more sustainable companies to join SEAS.
We therefore look forward to welcoming sustainable energy companies to SEAS so that they can join our networks, grow the sustainable energy sector with us, and in the near future, help to establish Singapore as a hub for sustainable energy.

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