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Mr Tan Meng Dui
Chief Executive Of cer
National Environment Agency, Singapore
Climate change is the de ning issue of our time. Erratic weather patterns have increased in scale and frequency, with occurrences seen around the globe. Last year, Australia suffered one of its deadliest bush res, with thousands of homes and millions of acres of forest and farmland destroyed, and over one billion animals have been lost. Singapore is also not spared the impact of climate change. We have not only experienced one of the hottest years on record in 2019, but also our longest north-east monsoon surge in the last decade.
Mitigating the impact of climate change requires a fundamental shift in what we do today. We need to move away from the linear “take-make-consume-throw” economy, towards a circular economy in our waste and resource management approach. In line with this, Singapore recently launched the inaugural Zero Waste Masterplan to build a sustainable, resource-ef cient and climate-resilient nation. We have set ourselves an ambitious target to reduce the amount of waste sent to our only land ll – known also as Semakau land ll, an off-shore land ll formed between two islands in the south of Singapore - by 30 percent by the year 2030.
To achieve this target, the National Environment Agency (NEA) has been working closely with partners, service providers and technology vendors to transform the environmental services industry. The Environmental Services Industry Transformation Map (ES ITM) was launched on 11 Dec 2017 with the focus on strengthening partnerships and growth through four pillars: Productivity, Jobs and Skills, Technology and Innovation,
Trade & Internationalisation, as well as through enablers such as collaboration, and standards & regulations. The Productivity and Solutions Grant (PSG) is one such initiatives under the ES ITM to raise operational ef ciency through technology adoption. The PSG scheme has been extended until 28 Feb 2021, with enhanced funding support of up to 70% of quali ed cost cap of $350,000 per company.
To help companies internationalise, NEA is organising the  fth edition of the biennial CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESG) conference and exhibition event held from 5 to 9 July 2020 at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre. Built on the theme ‘Towards Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Cities’, the event will deep-dive into  ve key areas: Waste Management, Cleaning, Pest Management, Sustainable Energy and Pollution Control. Attendees can look forward to specially curated high-level plenaries, business forums and an innovation showcase, which will certainly facilitate knowledge and business exchanges. We warmly welcome industry partners to join us in co-creating innovative solutions for a sustainable and liveable environment.
This latest Singapore Environmental Industry Directory will serve as a useful source of information for those looking for business opportunities in Singapore’s environmental sector. NEA is pleased to continue our support for this publication.

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