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A Specialist
for Process Equipment
and Analytical Systems Integration
As a leading system integrator for process equipment and analytical systems, ATE has delivered about 4,500 sets of various process analytical systems (analyzer houses, 3-sided analyzer shelters, analyzer cabinets, analyzer racks, sample conditioning systems, sample recovery systems, safety & alarm panels and etc.) in which about 800 sets of analyzer houses have been completed since 1998.
Focused Photonics Inc.
Process Laser Gas Analyzers
O2, CO, CO2, H2O, H2S, HF, HCI, NH3, CH4
CEMS Emission Monitoring Systems
Ambient VOC (Hydrocarbon) Analyzers
Focused Photonics Inc.
Focused Photonics Inc.
Flammable, Toxic & VOC Gas Detector
Membrane Integrity Drinking Water Waste Water Industrial Water Surface Water
Viral Indicator Tests
Suspended Solids
Turbidity / DO / pH Sludge Blanket
Oil-In-Water Analyzers
Water Quality Monitoring
Rapid Automated Bacteria Testing
7 GUL LINK SINGAPORE 629377 TEL (+65) 6565 7707 FAX (+65) 6565 7717 WWW.ATE.COM.SG
For further information please call us or send email to
Cert No. SG03/00309

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